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Steel Detailing Strategies

Steel Detailing Strategies

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Our collaborative approach to steel connection design is a benefit in standard projects as well as for iconic facilities where complex connections may inform the architectural aesthetic. We collaborate with the architect and coordinate with the design team to enhance accuracy of pricing by specialty contractors.

The detailing models are typically completed in three phases:

Phase I: 3-D Model of Steel Members (Material Order Model)
All main structural steel framing members such as columns, beams, and trusses are input into a Tekla Structures 3-D model. Members are entered with correct size, orientation, and material properties – such as yield strength and mill test requirements.

The completed Phase I Tekla model can be used by the contractor and steel fabricator to quickly progress their Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM) for the purchase of structural steel shapes. Thornton Tomasetti Tekla models are useable deliverables, a tremendous improvement over the traditional process, by eliminating re-creation of the model by the contractor. The contractor can use the model for construction scheduling, sequencing, cash-flow analysis and tracking purposes. Phase I model reduce quantity take-off time during bidding, provide accurate material and labor estimates through improved visualization, and help reduce schedule time from award to material order placement.

Phase II: 3-D Model of Steel Connections (Connected Model)
Depending on the project, Thornton Tomasetti models either all structural steel connections or the major steel connections of the main structural members in the 3-D model. Connections include all holes, bolts, shop welds, weld preparations and all connection material such as base plates, cap plates, gussets, stiffeners, splice plates, shear plates and connection angles.

The completed Phase II Tekla model can be used by the contractors and steel fabricators to quickly obtain CNC downloads (to link with fabrication equipment), field bolt lists, connection material quantity take-offs and to create shop drawings. The Phase II Tekla model better defines scope and complexity, streamlining shop drawing preparation and approval process, significantly reducing project schedule and the potential for claims.

Thornton Tomasetti provides assistance to the fabricator’s detailer regarding the implementation of the completed 3-D model.

Phase III: 3-D Model of Fully Detailed Steel (Shop Drawings)
Thornton Tomasetti produces fully detailed structural steel models, final physical shop drawings (shop piece and assembly drawings), erection plans, erection details, field bolt lists and CNC down-loads for projects of any scale or complexity. The fabricator and the erector can directly use this information without additional effort to fabricate and erect the structural steel. This streamlined approach to shop drawing production and approval assists the project schedule.

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