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New York

Shanghai Tower Tops


John T. Boyer, Sr., Senior Vice President

Aine M. Brazil, Vice Chairman

Colin Brown, Vice President

Thomas Byrne, Senior Associate

Jeffrey A. Callow, Vice President

Narinder Chhabra, Principal

Hi Sun Choi, Senior Principal

M. Stephen Dennis, Managing Principal

Robert P. DeScenza, President

Thomas A. Duffy, Associate Principal

John Fairbairn, Vice President, Human Resources

James W. Feuerborn, Jr., Principal

Suzanne Franconere, Controller

Paul Fu, Principal

Michael Gerasopoulos, Vice President

Boris Gimelshteyn, Vice President

Andrew Goldbaum, Chief Financial Officer

Torsten Gottlebe, Vice President

Eli B. Gottlieb, Senior Principal

Richard J. Grant, Principal & Director of Information Technology

Robert L. Honig, General Counsel

Ling-En Hsiao, Senior Principal

Jan J. Kalas, Senior Vice President

Ed Kasparek, Director of Business Development

Jim Kent, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

Robert J Kornfeld, Jr., Associate Principal

I. Paul Lew, Principal

Scott Lomax, Vice President

Elisabeth Malsch, Vice President

Gary P. Mancini, Senior Principal

Cristina Martinez, Senior Associate

Charles P. Meade, Principal and Property Loss Consulting Practice Leader

Leigh Mires, Chief Learning Officer

Sorin Moisi, Senior Vice President

Gemini A. Nazareno, Vice President

Robert K. Otani, Principal

Khaled Othman, Vice President

Steven Pacitto, Principal

Gary F. Panariello, Managing Principal and Building Performance Practice Leader

Dennis C.K. Poon, Vice Chairman

Julio C. Ravelo, Vice President

Robert L. Rodin, Vice President

Steve Ross, Chief Information Officer

Thomas Z. Scarangello, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Jonatan Schumacher, Director of Advanced Computational Modeling

Mahendradat Sitaram, Vice President

Dorian Soler, Associate Principal and Director of Office Operations

Michael J. Squarzini, Managing Principal

Stephen Szycher, Associate Principal

Glenn G. Thater, Principal

Charles H. Thornton, Consultant & Founding Principal

Richard L. Tomasetti, Consultant & Founding Principal

Emmanuel E. Velivasakis, Consultant (former Managing Principal)

Harvey R. Weiner, Vice President

Steven Witkowski, Associate Principal

Leonid B. Zborovsky, Senior Principal

Steve (Qing) Zuo, Principal

Hauke Jungjohann, Vice President