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June 19, 2012

Introduction to the Advanced Computational Modeling Group

We thought now is a good time to introduce ourselves. In the summer of 2011, Thornton Tomasetti formed the Advanced Computational Modeling Group. The primary goals of ACM are to develop new workflows and processes with regards to BIM and information exchange to enhance collaboration, and to educate and assist engineers company-wide with the implementation of these. ACM’s work is leveraged in all of our practices – structure, skin, performance, construction support services, sustainability, and property loss consulting.  We split our time between R&D activities and project work.
Our core group consists of six staff: Jonatan Schumacher, Ben Howes, Nicholas Mundell, Kenny Tam, Georgios Papadogeorgakis and Barry Beagan. Our group’s experience encompasses architecture, structural & mechanical engineering, computer science, product design, education and fabrication.
We don’t believe that we should operate in a black box. Our intention is to assist our colleagues in doing their work more efficiently and effectively, and to teach new skills and processes along the way. We frequently host meetings, training sessions and presentations to stay in close touch with all of our engineers. To ensure that no office is left behind, and that we learn how engineers operate in all of the offices, we selected one to two ACM ambassadors in every office, with whom we stay in frequent contact. Robert Otani is overlooking activities in our group, and through him, we stay connected to the upper management within Thornton Tomasetti. We also work closely with the IT department; and with Ken Murphy and Joshua Bradshaw, our BIM Directors for Revit and Tekla.

Over the next few weeks we will post a series of articles describing some of the tools and techniques we’ve developed over the past year, and will demonstrate how this knowledge has been applied in practice here at TT.  Some of the topics we’ll write about are: Rationalization and design of complex forms, Interoperability frameworks, nonlinear optimization and Performance driven design, and ACM in context – Upstream and Downstream benefits. And we will also write about research we do with architecture firms and universities.  Please check back soon or subscribe so you can stay tuned into ACM.  
We look forward to your feedback and to getting the discussion going!